Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

I'm planning a celebration. Do you guys make wedding or shower favours?

Yes! We would love to be included on your special day. There are no minimum order amounts. Please submit your request by clicking "here" and we'll happily set up a meeting with you to discuss the details and available options.  

I'm Vegan, is there a soap for me?

Absolutely! Many of our soap recipes are Vegan-Friendly. You can search for the word "vegan" to see which soaps in our current collections are currently available to you.

Are your products 100% gluten and/or nut free?

Unfortunately, no. Some of our recipes contain gluten and tree nuts. Our soap batches are made in the same workshop (and cured with other soaps), as a result, we can not guarantee that our products are safe for those with gluten or nut allergies. We strongly encourage those with sensitivities to please contact us if you have any further questions.  

When do you launch new products?

We are always working on new products! Depending on how quickly these are tested and approved, we aim to launch a new product every month.  If you would like to learn when they will become available, please subscribe to our family newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates.

Can I make additions/changes to an existing order?

To help us process your shipment more efficiently, please ensure your order is correct prior to payment. However, we know that mistakes happen. If you've forgotten to add something to your order or you wish to change it, please email us within 24 hours with your name, order number and additional items being requested and we will do our best to accommodate your request. For local/porch pick-ups, we try to accommodate (if the item is still in stock) up until the shipment is picked up. 

Can I still purchase a product that is Out-of-stock?

For any items that are out-of-stock, you may pre-order the item and as soon as they are available, we will automatically ship them to you. Alternatively, we can notify you when a particular product becomes available. Please note, that Limited Production items will not be restocked. However, please check to see if the product has a "coming soon/available by" date. If so, that means that the soap is still curing but will become available soon.

What are your fulfilment times?

We are located in Ontario and follow the Ontario and Canadian statutory holidays. If you made a purchase over the holidays, please allow us some extra time to get to your order. Please feel free to leave us a message or email and we will get in touch within the next 1-2 regular business days.

Damaged or lost goods

We will ensure that our products are packed securely, there is nothing worse than receiving damaged goods (especially beautiful, handmade soaps!). Once your order is fulfilled and sent, we will provide you a tracking number to track your shipment. If your goods are lost in transit, please reach out to us at Unfortunately, we are not responsible for packages that are damaged in transit.